Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Belle-Isle Wrap up (the last 4 months)

Wow, ok so, um WHERE DO I START???

I know it's been a while since my last post....I know I need to blog, but I literally have NO time to do anything else. So here's a sum-up of the last 4 months...

Presley's Birthday party was amazing. Amanda Jane Wolf, you almost broke us, but the joint party with Miss Chloe was BEAUTIFUL! The lady has got a knack for these parties. Thank you Chloe for letting us share your day! Presley loved her cake and didn't mind getting a bit messy.

Presley's stats at her 12 month well visit were:
Weight: 21.4 lbs. 55%

Nash turned 2 on October 2nd. Nash's party was yesterday at my Mom and Dad's house (thanks you guys!). The party was a Barnyard theme. Nash hasn't stopped talking about his party and all the balloons. He really was excited and loved seeing all his friends there. Thanks to all of you who made it special. Nash didn't want to go to bed that night, he was just SO happy and still bouncing off the walls. Thanks to Kylie for letting us borrow the bounce house!

Mason turned 6, yes my baby is 6. Hard to believe he is halfway through Kindergarten. Mason had his party at Strikz to do a Laser Tag party. It actually was pretty fun. They even let the parents in on the fun!

I got crazy and decided to go back to work. I know, Horrible. I'm a Horrible Mother. I do love my job. I like staying busy and making a little money of my own. I think I SUCK at staying at home with my kids. I think we are all better off this way. I'm not a crazy person, well not as crazy when I am out of the house. It really was a perfect opportunity and I took it!

Thanksgiving and Christmas was great! We all ate way too much and are paying for it now. The kids had a ball and of course got great gift from Santa! It was a good year!!

New Year's was pretty low key for us this year. Last year we did it up big and went downtown and stayed at a fancy hotel. This year my Brother, Erin, Kinley and my Parents all came over to spend the night with us. We had fun just hanging out and playing games.

So I guess that bring us up to date. I promise I will get better and make time to update the blog! Sorry people!! :)

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Nash and P playing

The other day I finally caught Presley and Nash playing together on film! Everytime I go and grab the flip video they stop and cry and want to have the camera. I guess they were in a good mood this time.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Lake House Family trip

A few months ago Justin told me we needed a family get-a-way, just us and the kids. I asked him where he would like to go and he said, "I just want a cool lakehouse that you can walk out your back door and go fishing". I got on the computer and did quite a bit of research to find the perfect place, well one that fit his description. So, we decided on a date and we were off for 6 days of family good ole fun.

The place that I had found, well was, rustic. VERY RUSTIC. I knew that picking a town in Arkansas that I hadn't even heard of was risky. I thought in my mind that it would be like being at home just a really close place to fish, well not so much. You forget all the things that are just so much easier at your home with little ones. You forget that everything in your house is baby proofed and when you go somewhere new you have to watch them every second. I do need to make a disclaimer here and saying, the place really wasn't that bad. I think it if I wasn't in the "mood" I was in and the babies were a year or two older it definitely would have been a great place to stay. I think that I'm totally and certainly a city girl now and have no desire to be in the woods or country. The bugs were awful, the spiders were the biggest I'd seen in a long time. I just can't sleep thinking that in the dark they are going to climb into bed with me and bite me. There were also roaches, gross. I just couldn't even get good sleep at this place. I kept thinking that there was a bear or a cougar outside the window just waiting to attack us in our sleep. Maybe I should stop watching A & E??

After three days of fussy babies and bugs for days I was ready to go home. I did ask to leave 2 days early. Justin and Mason weren't ready to go just yet. I did understand that were paid up until Sunday and it would be a waste of money if we left early. I just couldn't do until then. So, Justin said I could go....and I did. I took Nash and Presley (leaving Justin and Mason at the cabin without a car) and went to my Brother's house in Bentonville. Bentonville was only a mere 3 hours away. I could do this. I was determined to get outta Dodge.

After talking to my Mom, my Sister-in-law, and another good friend of mine, they all said...."Really you left your husband and first born in a cabin in the middle of nowhere without a car? What if something happened, what is wrong with you", I knew that if I stayed there no one would be happy or have any fun. I think they were glad to see us go.

Bentonville was heaven when we arrived. I couldn't wait to take a long shower (the shower at the cabin was so tiny and I had to bathe the kids in the kitchen sink) and sleep without thinking a bug was crawling in my bed. We actually had a good time. I got to see a lot of people. I got to see my brother and sister-in-law, my bestie Alexis, and Russell and his family. Russell is a really good friend of mine that I've had forever. He's pretty much family to me.

We came back on Saturday, in no hurry of course, to stay the night and get up to leave with Justin and Mason on Sunday. I was SO ready to be back in my own house, in my own bed. We all were actually, except for Mason. He was so nervous that the next day was the first day of real school. He was nervous, but he really loved the cabin and loved fishing. He's good at it!

The family trip part of it was a bust, but I'm glad that Justin got to do what he wanted and Mason had a fun time fishing and eating Sm ores with his Dad. I think they needed that bonding time anyway.

SO moral of the story, next time take me to the BEACH. I'm just not cut out to be an outdoors woman.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Savannah, Georgia and Arkansas girls!

We have been planning a girl trip since the beginning of the year and we finally made it happen. The girls were...Me, Alexis, Sunne' and Crystal. At first we had planned on going to Vegas sometime in June because that's where Crystal was living at the time. Well, none of us could get our calenders straight to get there. Then, Crystal moved to Savannah, GA. So Savannah it was, and in August. Can you say hot?? To say the least our husbands were excited that Vegas was no longer in the picture and Savannah seemed a lot cheaper and dangerous....

So we all made it to Savannah on the night of the 12th. Well, barely. Alexis and I met at the Atlanta Airport that afternoon around 2:30. We were all ready to make the car ride into Savannah. I thought maybe 3 hours or so, well it took around 4 hours to get there. By the time we arrived we were ready to party! So we picked up a few bottles of wine and headed to Crystal's place. After arriving at Crystal's we barely got a few sips of wine in and she said, "Let's go have a margarita before we have to go pick up Sunne' at the Savannah Airport." No way am I touring this down...Let's go!


We know we have to be at the Airport around 9:30 to get Sunne'. Around 9:00 we get a call saying the plane was late leaving Nashville and she missed her flight from Atlanta. Great. Now she won't get here until 10:00 or so. So we have another drink....of course. We finally pick up Sunne' around 10:30 and her bag is nowhere to be found. Awesome. Here we are hanging out at the Savannah with a pretty good buzz, but we made it fun. We finally get her luggage around midnight.

The next day we need to make up some time. We lost a whole day traveling. We decided to hit the beach! CVS was first on the list to pick up essentials...sunscreen, trash mags, beach towels (Crystal only had the one), and water. August in Savannah is really hot and muggy. The Beach was even hotter. The sand was really hot. You had to run to get to the water. We had a good time, but we only lasted an hour. Time for lunch at the Crab Shack!

The Crab Shack was totally cute. Good seafood and a cold beer sounded awesome to me. The table next to us was already knee deep in some other kind of beverage....some kind of rum punch. Alexis and I stuck to beer, but Sunne' decided to try it. It was made of Rum, rum, and more Rum with a little orange juice. Oh my, it was so strong. One drink and your wasted. So, after lunch Sunne' was so done with the day, she needed a nap.

Friday night we decide to eat Sushi and then hit the town for a night out. The Sushi was great!! It's only my favorite thing to eat. We all pick out a roll of our choice so we had a variety. After dinner we went to the Market Center which is like a downtown area, but still small and quaint. There were bars lined up and down the strip. We first head to a bar called Molly Macphersons. The place was totally cute, but NO AIR. It was too hot to stay for more than one beer, which kind of sucked because this awesome 80's band just started playing and they rocked! So on to the next place....BAR, BAR.

Sunne' and I

Sunne', Crystal and Alexis

The girls dancing

Bar, bar was so cool....I mean literally cold. This was the best place yet. We have air! We started off slowly, seeing a bookcase of boardgames, we thought let's play Scattagories, at a bar? This was really funny, especially after a few beers. After a few rounds of the game I noticed in the back a dance club. Ok ladies, time to boogie. It was still pretty early in bar world, so there weren't that many people back there. We made it our own and had a blast!

Saturday was See Savannah day and we did it up tourist style. We got on a trolley and everything. Camera and map in hand we did the whole 2 hour tour. It ended up being very interesting. Savannah is one of the oldest towns in the South. They have houses that were built in the late 1700's! It's also one of the most haunted. Which brings us to Saturday evening.

Eating brunch at B.Matthews

Just another gorgous building in Sav

We had decided after touring the Pirate House for a drink in the afternoon that we would come back and eat dinner there. There are lots of stories on the Pirate House. They say it's really haunted. There is a tunnel underneath the restaurant that Pirates use to get people really drunk and would sneak them through the tunnels into a ship and sell them later as slaves. Scary. We ate in the oldest room of the Pirate House. It was the first home built in Savannah! They say a lot of strange and unexplained things happen in this room. We took lots of video and pictures hoping to get a glimpse of a ghost. Crystal at one point thought someone tapped on her shoulder during We even got a video of some sort of orb of light that none of us could explain. Maybe there was a ghost at dinner with us.

The girls at the Pirate House

I had a blast in Savannah and I can't wait to go back again....Thanks girls for an awesome trip!!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Ready for a walk

This is what we look like before heading out the door on a walk. It is so funny to see Presley in the back sitting up trying to annoy her brother and man does she succeed! All I hear on our walks are..."NO...NO". Presley is pulling his hair and trying to poke his eyes out. Ha! I guess it's payback time.

Presley did turn 10 months this past Sunday. She is doing a lot. She is waving bye, bye. She is also showing me "all done" in sign language. Smarty. She is walking with her stand-up push walker and playing patty cake.

We have a house full right now. Justin's Mom and our nephew have been living with us for the last 2 weeks. They have moved here from Connecticut and will have their own place next Monday. Mason and Zachary haven't stopped going! They are having a blast together playing wii, swimming and watching movies. There's no better time to move to Texas than in the middle of the HOT summer. Welcome to Texas We are glad you guys are here!!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Presley's 9 month stats

We made another trip to the Doctor today for a well visit. I swear we are there every other week for one of these kiddos. I wish it was closer. We have to drive to Parker and the Tollway which is far and so many tolls. Anyway... Presley had a great visit!

Length- 27 1/2" (50%)
Weight- 18lbs 8oz (50%)
Head Cir.- 17 3/4" (90%) She has a big noggin! (Hope that means she's smart)