Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Ready for a walk

This is what we look like before heading out the door on a walk. It is so funny to see Presley in the back sitting up trying to annoy her brother and man does she succeed! All I hear on our walks are..."NO...NO". Presley is pulling his hair and trying to poke his eyes out. Ha! I guess it's payback time.

Presley did turn 10 months this past Sunday. She is doing a lot. She is waving bye, bye. She is also showing me "all done" in sign language. Smarty. She is walking with her stand-up push walker and playing patty cake.

We have a house full right now. Justin's Mom and our nephew have been living with us for the last 2 weeks. They have moved here from Connecticut and will have their own place next Monday. Mason and Zachary haven't stopped going! They are having a blast together playing wii, swimming and watching movies. There's no better time to move to Texas than in the middle of the HOT summer. Welcome to Texas We are glad you guys are here!!

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